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One Year Hook Book: A Journal in 52 Prompts

One Year Hook Book

One Year Hook Book: A Journal in 52 Prompts ~ available here

A prompt-a-week book featuring questions, photos, graphics, and blank pages to keep your creative juices flowing for one calendar year. Offered in an undated and open format, ready and waiting to begin whenever you are.


The Gathered Soul: A Collection of Your Cosmic Influences and Sacred Rhythms

The Gathered Soul

The Gathered Soul: A Collection of Your Cosmic Influences and Sacred Rhythms ~ available here

The Gathered Soul a cooperative product made with the esoteric soul in mind. With note-taking spaces for daily cards, reading notes, astrological cycles, dream records, affirmations, energy dips, and more, this is the journal for seekers who would like all of to keep track of their daily spiritual information in one portable and discreet place.


Hook Book Volume 1 cover image

Hook Book Journals

Hook Book Journals ~ available here

A journaling experience unlike any other, each book offers stark black-and-white photos and graphics alongside soul-stirring prompts hand-chosen to get you going. Hook Books make perfect gifts for the new writing hobbyist, students, and the experienced creator  struggling with writer’s block. It’s often within ourselves that the best stories lie. Unlock them with a Hook Book.


Smash Cake Magazine Issue 1 - 3D product shot

Smash Cake Magazine

Smash Cake Magazine ~ available here

Our twice-yearly, print literary journal and showcase for the most passionate, stark, gut-wrenching, hilarious, deep, true-to-life, and memorable writing we’ve seen. Each issue is 8″x8″ square and features authors and artists from around the world. Purchase at the link above, or visit our dedicated Smash Cake Magazine site for submission guidelines and advertising rates.

To inquire about writing/student/bulk rates or obtain bookstore stock, please contact us.

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