Good news, but short wait!

See this?

There's that bad boy. We do love sending you stuff!

┬áThis is Jerry’s hand, just prior to mailing the very last copy of the One Year Hook Book’s first print run. (We’ve obscured the addressee’s name for obvious reasons, but yep. That’s it!)

We received the first shipment, and found them to all be accounted for. Every book had a preorder already waiting for it.

The good news is that we had exactly the number we needed and we’ve seen people have really respond to our new 52-week edition.

The bad news?

Well, it’s not even bad. Let’s call it mixed news, because there’s a definite upside in it for you.

Since the copies were ALL sold and the soonest we can possibly get the next batch from the printer is at least a week away, there is a short backorder status for any new One Year Hook Book orders coming in over the next few days. (Note: We still have ready stock of each of the Hook Book: Volumes 1 and 2; just not the yearly journal.)

So, since we’ve run into this pleasant surprise, we’re going to discount the retail price back down to the original $15 preorder price we offered temporarily in December.

Once our next shipment comes in, the One Year Hook Book price will be raised again back to the $20 list price it usually sells for.

We expect more OYHB copies within the next two weeks, and will ship any outstanding orders immediately upon receiving them.

You guys have been fantastic, and we thank you. Let us know what you’ve done with your journals and what weird words fall out of them. We’d love to hear what you’ve created!

3 Responses to “Good news, but short wait!”

  1. Congrats, Tracy!
    Now if you could just get the magazine done!

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