Introducing our New Age journal: The Gathered Soul

We’re happy to announce our latest title, The Gathered Soul: A Collection of Your Cosmic Influences and Sacred Rhythms.

This esoteric journal is a bit different from all others we’ve seen around. Inside, you’ll find write-in pages in which to record your dreams, affirmations, astrological or environmental cycles, cards, reading notes, mood, energy level, and anything else which applies to your spiritual life.

The idea was brought to us by Cathy Lynn, a fellow writer and the owner of Cathy Lynn Tarot, and is the first in our forthcoming line of lifestyle journals.  She looked long and hard for a single, portable book to use, but only found journals specifically intended for this or that. She felt limited and didn’t want to compromise. Frustrated with her options, she dreamed up the Gathered Soul — a book that covers all of those bases — and worked with Tracy Lucas to co-design a more malleable system of record.

Each copy has room enough for ninety days, whether means using it daily, weekly, or just when you happen to feel like it. That’s the whole point; it’s your book, your way.

We’re proud to deliver a spiritual journal that finally leaves room for you to include the things that matter to you (in any combination) and lets the others slide.

And right now, for a limited time, there’s a pre-order sale on The Gathered Soul while we await access to the first public shipment.

Take a look below, and if you like what you see, go ahead and order here!

The Gathered Soul interior pages

The Gathered Soul exterior photo

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