Christian divorce?

Divorce and a Strategy for Happiness

After much work and countless sleepless nights, we’re proud to finally be able to show you our latest non-fiction title, Divorce and a Strategy for Happiness: A Sinkholes and Ladders Book by Sarah Jacobs.

Sarah lives near Nashville, Tennessee and came to us, believe it or not, through a writing group.  We first read her material in fits and starts, a chapter at a time, pre-polish, and even then were blown away by the honesty and easy style in which she told her story.

Sarah was a traditional homemaker — and by that, we mean she made pies, grocery shopped, and spent the rest of the day preparing her home for her family’s evening.  She was raised in the Church of Christ, and as such, was dedicated to the idea of the submissive wife as a helpmate for her husband.  She was comfortable in her role; she knew what she wanted, and built her life around her faith and her family.

Fast forward almost thirty years, and after a marriage atom-bomb leaves her no choice, we find Sarah locking the door behind her and driving off into a Southern afternoon to parts unknown, with everything she owned thrown hastily into a truck.

She didn’t know where she was going, what she would do (she’d never worked a single day outside the home), or where a forty-seven year old mother and wife goes to being scratching out a new, terrifying existence as a single woman.

Divorce and a Strategy for Happiness: A Sinkholes and Ladders Book is the tenuous story from here to there.

Fast forward a few years more, and Sarah is now an accomplished author, speaker, career-woman, and the member of many professional organizations.  In her book, she shares her memories leading up to, through, and after her divorce, and the play-by-play strategies she used to create her brand new life out of thin air — and a lot of faith.

Click here to buy the print version, here to buy the Kindle version, and here to read a free excerpt at the author’s website.

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