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When we started this series, we promised ourselves and our early customers that we would never reuse a prompt. We have kept that promise, and every page in every Hook Book product offers a brand new prompt and and a fresh idea to get your pen moving.


One Year Hook Book: A Journal in 52 Prompts

One Year Hook Book

One Year Hook Book: A Journal in 52 Prompts

wire bound, 216 pgs, $15.00

Suggested to us by one of our own customers, the One Year Hook Book is a careful collection of  prompts meant to keep you writing throughout the year, with one question per week. Although the journal is paced for a calendar year, we’ve intentionally left it undated and seasonless so that you can start and finish the book on your own terms and in your own time. (We tend to make our best New Year’s resolutions in March. We totally understand.) Among the things this book will dig for: “How does your appearance affect you?”, “Who died and left you?”, “What food makes you feel five?”, and “How will you know when you’re good enough?”

Some are silly, some will make you ponder, and some are downright gut-wrenching, but each prompt will make you take an honest look inside and write. And that’s what it’s all about.


Hook Book Volume 1 cover image

Hook Book, Volume 1

Hook Book, Volume 1

perfect bind, 132 pgs, $20.00

The first in our Hook Book series, Volume 1 offers 31 writing prompts on subjects ranging from the everyday to the absolute, featuring such questions as “Given a single trunk and thirty minutes to pack, what do you keep?”, “Who is God?”, and “Do you remember what you were going to become by now?”

Part journal, part photo book, and part writing prompt collection, each Hook Book is appropriate for writers of any age. Challenge yourself or your writing group with imagery that makes you think and questions that hit where you live. You never know what you might uncover.

Hook Book Volume 2 cover image

Hook Book, Volume 2

Hook Book Volume 2

perfect bind, 136 pgs, $20.00

Continuing our Hook Book series, Volume 2 offers 32 brand-new prompts in just as wide a range as our first set. Included in this version are  “What will growing old be like?”, “Would you read minds, given the chance?”, “Who do you still cry for?”, and “Is there a reason you were born right here and right now?”

The best way to beat any writer’s block is to tackle it, head on, with something unexpected. Getting deeper into your own psyche is just a side benefit, and one reason we’ve heard from counselors, church groups, and teachers about using our books as tools. Order a Hook Book and see where it takes you–or better yet, where you take yourself.


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