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Christian divorce?

After much work and countless sleepless nights, we’re proud to finally be able to show you our latest non-fiction title, Divorce and a Strategy for Happiness: A Sinkholes and Ladders Book by Sarah Jacobs. Sarah lives near Nashville, Tennessee and came to us, believe it or not, through a writing group.  We first read her […]

Introducing our New Age journal: The Gathered Soul

A flexible record of your dreams, signs, cycles, and changes.

Audio nuggets of praise from Clearstory Radio

River Jordan, host of Clearstory Radio 107.1 FM in Nashville, TN, and critically-acclaimed author and speaker, touted Hook Books on her show this morning. Hear what she had to say about our journals: Clearstory snippet, 1-14-2011 – Gifts for writers Clearstory regularly features national authors, literary news, and tips for the writing life, and airs […]

Good news, but short wait!

You guys have bought ALL the books. Here’s what we’re going to do about it.

3 Shared Paths selects us for 2011!

The women behind 3 Shared Paths, one of our favorite motivational blogs, have selected our One Year Hook Book as their book of the year. They will be working through our prompt journal during 2011 and sharing some of their thoughts as they go. We’re excited!

Announcing our One Year Hook Book

This fall, an idea came to us through a customer who asked us to produce a Hook Book with wire binding and enough prompts to keep going for a year. Well, we’ve done it! We’re calling it the One Year Hook Book: A Journal in 52 Prompts, and the first buyable copies will be printed during […]

Between the covers of our Hook Book: Volume 2

Wonder what our writing prompt journals look like in the real world? Yeah, we were hoping you did. Each of the images below are from the pages within Hook Book: Volume 2, available for purchase here. It’s 136 pages of gooey prompty goodness (we’re in the mood for holiday chocolate–can you tell?) and we only have a […]

An inside look at Hook Book: Volume 1

Folks have asked us what the insides of our Hook Book Journals look like. Here’s the first official peek…

New Hook Book product in development

For those of you who’ve enjoyed our Hook Book Journals, good news! We are currently working on a yearbook in the same vein. The prompts are all new material (they always are; we do our best never to repeat) and will be spiral bound and ready for 52 weeks of your best writing. The new […]